Beginning in ancient times, women have worn wedding bands as symbols of their marriages to their husbands. Along the way, many men have begun to wear wedding bands as well. Wedding rings are made of precious metals because they symbolize something valuable that has been given to the other. But wedding bands have come to symbolize much more.
The unbroken circle symbolizes eternity. The wedding bands symbolizes everlasting love, love that will continue into eternity. The roundness of the circle symbolizes a wholeness, or a completeness that is the modern expectation of a marriage. Men and women trade these symbols of everlasting love and completeness with the idea that their love will last as long as the rings they exchange.
  • Whitneys stock a comprehensive range of Hand Made & Branded wedding bands.
  • Our jewellers are on hand to discuss any special design you may have in mind.
  • All designs can be custom made to meet your choice of precious metal. 18ct, 9ct, Platinum & Palladium & Diamond.
  • Prices are subject to change based on current metal prices, finger size Thickness & Width.
  • Please contact us or call in store to  view our complete range.